• Testimonials of Our Work

     “They provided everything I needed from pre-launch and marketing strategy to website development work and onto online marketing, SEO, and web promotion.  Not only do they do everything but they do everything really well.”

                                                                                             – M. A., www.OneMinuteMasterpiece.com


    “When you want to know what to do next, how to do it or especially if you want something to do it for you, you need to talk to these guys.  They know everything about there is to know about online marketing, SEO, strategy and how to get from Point A to Point B.  Kudos and keep up the good work guys!”

                                                                                                           – F.S., www. Uro Club.com


    “Not just SEO and web marketing, which they do well, but so much of the strategy and planning that goes into web marketing plans is the tough stuff.  This is what Paramount did for me – they focused on both my short term and long term goals and helped implement a website and plan for getting there.  They are a one of a kind agency and the value we got from them was worth 10 times the cost.   Thank you!”

                                                                                                           – R.K., Ideal Shopping Network


    They worked to fit in our budget and built a solution that improved our online presentation as well as focus on conversions and improving our messaging. They helped us with solutions in marketing, emails and even Pay-Per-Click when we wanted to expand.  Thanks for your hard work and commitment to our success.

                                                                                                           – D.S., US Capital Finance

    Paramount has worked on all of our online marketing and promotional campaigns for a long time. They have helped us setup goals internally for our marketing and sales campaigns and we have been able to organize responses and ROI better because of it.  We thank you for your dedication to our businesses and we look forward to working with you for a long time to come.”

                                                                                                           – J.R., N.Y. Semiconductor

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